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Flush Doors

Koffply-best wooden flush doors

Koffply flush doors are doors which have a plain design on both sides of the door. While they are mostly used in interior settings, they can also be used in exterior settings. They have a more functional aspect to it, rather than stylish. Keeping in mind the ambience, they can be styled up a bit. These doors are simple, modern and elegant to use in any setting.

These doors require minimum effort to install. They are perfect to protect your dream home while providing an aesthetic appearance at the same time. These doors are curated with hardwood battens and frames which are seasoned and chemically treated.

The veneers are dried appropriately according to the necessary moisture content. After that, these veneers are bonded with a high quality synthetic resin called Phenol formaldehyde according to the technical guidelines set by the government (IS:2202).

Koffply’s flush doors are also treated in a way to be termite and borer resistant. Hence, you can be assured of premium quality doors when you make a purchase. These doors can be made in custom sizes.

Wooden slats layered on top of one another make up a flush door with a stave core. Some support may be built into the frame if the core is hollow (for example, if two sections of plywood have been joined to either side of a frame)Solid flush doors are heavier , but they are usually a better choice for forming a passage between two rooms. Their style is simple and basic. Flush doors can also be customized for creating other doors such as: Fire doors, acoustic doors, etc.

Advantages Of Flush Doors:

● Simple design and hence, less expensive.

● They look attractive with their minimalistic design.

● Flush doors are very durable.

● They have good strength and provide durability against twisting.

● They do not split or rot.

● Flush doors do not require periodic refinishing.

● The surface of the door is resistant to stains and scratches or any other situation which could damage the wood.

● Koffply’s flush doors are also unaffected by natural elements and humid conditions, thus, offering high levels of cleanliness.

Technical Specifications Required Of Flush Doors:

● Dimension: Length and width +5 mm, thickness +1 mm.

● Squareness: not more than 1 mm deviation on a length of 500 mm.

● Flatness: Twisting and warping must not exceed 6 mm.

● Local planeness: deviation depth must be less than 0.5 mm.

● Impact indentation Test: Indentation depth must not exceed 0.2 mm.

● Edge loading test: Deflection of the edge must not be more than 5 mm.

● Shock resistance test: No defects must be visible.

● Slamming test: No defects must be visible after the test.

● Misuse test: There should not be any deformation.

● Humidity test: There should not be any deformation, warping or twisting.

● End immersion test: there should be no visible delamination.

● Knife test: These are minimum standards every plywood has to pass.

● Glue adhesion test: No delamination must be visible.

● Screw withdrawal test: The load with which the screw is withdrawn must be more than 1000N

Get the quality Koff Ply flush doors from us and reap the above-mentioned benefits.

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