Koffply-high quality pentenex MR plywood

Koffply brings you Pentenex MR Ply which is one of the most revolutionary varieties of plywood available in the Indian market today. Koffply is India’s largest infrastructure company which aims to provide and is providing the best quality of plywood anyone has ever seen. What’s more, the Pentenex MR Ply is perfect for indoor and outdoor places.

What Makes The Pentenex Mr Ply Plywood From Koffply Special And Why Should You Choose It?

The Pentenex MR Ply is special as it can be used to create exquisite pieces of heavy furniture such as doors, diwans, sofas, etc. It also forms an integral part of regular plywood, Block Boards and flush doors. Koffply always aims to innovate to please their customers and the Pentenex MR Ply is an excellent example of it.

By choosing the Pentenex MR Ply from Koffply, clients and customers can be assured of the highest quality plywood which has a long life period as well. The Pentenex MR Ply goes through several examinations to make sure it can withstand damage and sustain itself in the long run.

The material used in Pentenex MR Ply is sourced from sustainable resources and made with 100% top quality products so that everyone gets their money’s worth. Empowered with Spin Technology, Pentenex MR Ply is assured of high strength levels and is also gap-free. This will guarantee customer satisfaction levels.

Let’s Dive Deeper Into The Technical Details

What is MR ply? MR stands for moisture resistant. This means that the Pentenex MR plywood will be resistant to moisture and humidity. The plywood is very sought after because it can withstand all kinds of weather conditions whether it is dry or wet. Humidity is hence, not a problem at all since the plywood is made using high quality veneers from gurjan and eucalyptus trees in an eco-friendly manner.

Koffly only utilises 100% seasoned wood, using long-proven manufacturing and finishing techniques. Using hot pressed at high hydraulic pressure with proper temperature and time, each Pentenex MR Ply product that leaves the factory is rigorously inspected for quality.

Because of its significance for commercial projects, MR grade plywood, also known as Moisture Resistant plywood, is usually referred to as commercial plywood. It has good tolerance to regular humidity, moisture, and temperature conditions, however customers must not expose it to water for longer periods of time. MR grade plywood is often used in commercial construction projects because of its strength, durability, and affordability.

Since the Pentenex MR Ply is affordable, it is easy on the pocket and is a brilliant product for exterior spaces. What's more, The Pentenex MR ply is also bend-resistant, termite- and borer-proof. The plywood is also dimensionally stable, which makes it less vulnerable to weather variations.

The veneers of the plywood are bonded together using a eco-friendly synthetic resin called melamine formaldehyde. It is a long-lasting plywood that lowers the expense of future repairs, saving you money. Since the Pentenex MR Ply is very affordable, commercial organizations prefer buying it in bulk.

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