Koffply-MR grade plywood for furnitures

Plywood is categorised into three categories in India: Moisture Resistant/Water Resistant (MR Grade), Boiling Water Resistant (BWR Grade), and Boiling Water Proof Grade (BWP Grade) plywood.

Koffply is recognized as a world leader in providing exceptional quality of plywood to their clients and customers. They do this by using only time-tested, highest quality raw materials to provide their customers with top-notch finished products. Koffply only uses wood from various veneers such as gurjan, eucalyptus, timber which is 100% seasoned to withstand all kinds of environments and weather. Thus, plywood from Koffply is an all-rounder.

This stands true particularly for Koff MR Ply. Koffply has a variety of brands under its umbrella and this is one of the top brands in their portfolio. They provide Plywood made from premium grade wood and innovative and advanced techniques, all of which are done under the supervision of qualified professionals and in accordance with industry standards.

Reasons To Choose Koff MR Ply

It is made from high-quality wood and treated with cutting-edge technologies. Furthermore, our quality experts examine the supplied Plywood against a number of parameters to ensure that the entire range is free of any manufacturing flaws. This Plywood is available in a variety of sizes to meet the needs of the customers.

Using Koff MR Ply, carpenters can create beautiful pieces of furniture for both indoor and outdoor settings. For example, tables and chairs, cupboards, cabinets and even more. This ply is absolutely gap free and empowered with spin technology. This keeps the wood free of warps and twists. Customer satisfaction is guaranteed as Koff assures everyone with top quality products only.

Koff MR ply is moisture resistant which means that it possesses high strength levels to withstand any problems. With a minimalistic and simple design, it can also be used as flush food for doors in indoor and outdoor spaces.

MR grade plywood from Koffply has been given the IS:303 specification designation from the Bureau of Indian Standards. With the proper use of adhesives and treatments, Koff MR Ply plywood has a strong resistance to borer and termites.

Why Are We Better Than Others?

In comparison to other types of plywood Koff MR Ply is a household favourite not only for the customers but also for the carpenters. This is because it is lightweight and easy to work with. What’s more, it is also lighter on the pocket so customers do not spend extravagant amounts for carpenters to create their desired furniture.

Koff MR Ply plywood is created from completely seasoned hardwood. It is also bonded with melamine formaldehyde under computer controlled temperature and pressure, providing unrivalled benefits in this grade at a low cost. It is a tough plywood that will save you money in the long run by lowering the expense of future repairs.

Koffply delivers the highest quality of plywood to ensure that their customers and clients are satisfied after using Koff MR Ply. The Koff Ply collection aims to maintain the quality, dependability, and adaptability of plywood to transform interior and exterior places and create a wonderful experience for all.

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