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Block Board

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When thin sheets of plywood are bonded together for building furniture such as cupboards, cabinets, etc., it is referred to as Block Board. The Block Board plywood is made in a very special way. The plywood industry has become flooded with plywood created in much modern ways perfectly crafted for a variety of purposes and Block Board is one of them. It is a plywood specifically created for making appliances like heavy furniture.

Block Board is pressured in such a way that the board gets dimensional stability with the help of softwood strips between two veneers. As a result, the softwood strips enable the board to hold nails and screws much better than other boards. Even though it is considerably lighter than plywood, it still has the same amount of strength. This means that the board will not break apart during cutting or sawing, owing to the softwood strips which makes up the core.

Koff Block Boards can also be created with hardwood timber, veneers and adhesives. Bonded with Urea Formaldehyde resin, Block boards have high strength and are twist resistant. Here, all the three components of the Block Board which are face veneer, core veneer and the wooden battens are of the highest quality. The Block Boards from Koffply have a uniform thickness which makes Koffply a market leader.

Different Types Of Block Boards

There are many varieties of Block Boards. They are:

● Interior Grade: These are most commonly used with moisture resistant (MR) plywood.

● Exterior Grade: This style of block board is of exceptional quality and may also be used to build outdoor furniture. BWP grade block boards or BWR grade block boards are the terms used to describe them. BWP stands for boiling waterproof, while BWR stands for boiling water resistant block boards. Block boards are classified according to the raw wood used in the core.

● Softwood: Hardwood veneers are pressed together with softwood strips or battens in between to create this kind of block board. This sort of block board is typically used in the interiors, and the MR grade block boards usually possess a softwood core.

● Hardwood: Hard, dense, and expensive hardwood strips are bonded and compressed together under intense pressure in this form of block board. The glue used is also intended for use in exterior spaces. Hardwood sheets are used in the heart of the BWR and BWP block boards.

Uses of Blockboard

Koffply Block Boards are versatile and hence, have a lot of uses. Let us take a look at a few:

● Make beautiful bookshelves.

● Make heavy furniture such as benches, tables, sofas and chairs.

● To make flush doors and regular doors with a solid core.

● To make Diwans and single/double cots.

● For flooring purposes.

● To make wall panels.

● Bus bodies.

● Creating prefabricated houses.

● Interior décor.

● Fabrication in the kitchen.

Most carpenters prefer this kind of Block Board since it is sturdy and does not bend easily like regular plywood. Block Boards are also lightweight and much stiffer, making it easier for carpenters to work with.