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Marine Plywood

Koffply-best marine plywood manufacturer

Marine plywood is one of the highest-ranked plywood in the industry. Marine is an exclusive plywood that does not get damaged by water. It is excellent quality plywood made up of waterproof glue, and the wood pieces consist of a hole that protects them from excess water. At the same time, it is a light weighted, strong, and most suitable wood to be used for furniture. These plywoods are designed in a peculiar manner where you cannot find any knotholes in any of the pieces. Apart from that, it is a no. 1 choice of wood for the construction of boats and boat parts.

How Koffply Marine Plywoods Stronger Than Other Plywoods?

Marine plywood doesn't have a natural resistance to decay like any other wood. This wood will not get damaged or affected when in contact with moisture due to the great water-resistant finish. The thin sheets of veneer ( piles) are arranged in proper perpendicular layers, which proffers enough strength to the plywood. In order to give a perfect and smooth finishing the plywood panels are heated up at a precise temperature.

The marine wood doesn't get delaminate in any case, neither if exposed to moisture nor at a boiling temperature. This is an essential and the most crucial feature for building a boat hull as well.

Features Of Koffply Marine Plywood :-

● High-quality resin

A synthetic plastic resin, a phenol-formaldehyde that has a great sticking quality. It helps in preventing all the moisture and water. Moreover, the undiluted resin is found in every top-notch brand of plywoods.

● Tremendous strength

Marine plywood is made up of Avant grade resin and timber, which makes them the most preferred and the top grade in the plywood industry. These plywoods are renowned for their strength and water retention power. Therefore, it is a perfect match for your furniture.

● Used for outdoor or high water resistance furniture or equipment

Due to great water exposure, marine plywood is used for outdoor furniture like gardens and is highly used in the boat-making industry. In addition, it is also accepted in bathrooms or kitchen applications.

● High-priced

As it is considered as the moisture-resistant variant and has a high demand in the market, the price of marine plywood is quite expensive. As it differs from brand to brand but is generally on an expensive side as compared to other plywoods.

The usage of high-quality resin, timber, and waterproof glue made it super expensive. However, they fulfill the distinct demands by giving an incredible finishing keeping in mind both the commercial and residential purposes.

Koffply Marine plywood are reliable and trusted manufacturers of plywood that is made to resist rotting in a moisturous environment. It is manufactured with ultimate care under the supervision of technical experts. We choose well selected pieces of face veneers and core. Our manufacturer's plywood is highly resistant to changes in atmospheric and weather conditions. Marine plywood at koff ply is used for all different types of woodworking in sea and marine going vessels.

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