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Domzee MR Ply is a type of premium plywood from KoffPly. It is a versatile type of plywood which offers use for a plethora of applications. The Domzee MR Plywood is made using premium grade wood using modern technology and innovation techniques, created by industry leading experts in accordance to the standards set for the industry.

Both the inner and outer core layers of the Domzee MR ply are made of the highest quality hardwood materials which is considered to be the best form of furniture wood in the country. The hardwood veneers are bonded together with an eco-friendly resin called Melamine Formaldehyde Resin. KoffPly is the best plywood manufacturer in India and is renowned for its innovative techniques and eco-friendly products.

What is the Domzee MR Ply useful for?

The Domzee MR Ply is an interior grade plywood that is best suited for indoor purposes only. Although the Domzee MR plywood can withstand moisture and humidity, it is crucial to note that it is not totally waterproof. It is a common plywood used in construction because of its high internal strength. It is an essential component of all forms of home or workplace furniture such as tables, chairs, cupboards, kitchen cabinets, drawers, etc. Because of its great internal density, the plywood is strong and also resistant to folding.

Benefits of using the Domzee MR Plywood from KoffPly:

● Best levels of strength, spread uniformly.

● Available in a variety of sizes which allows carpenters to create custom sized furniture according to the wishes of their clients.

● This kind of plywood may also be available in a much more flexible format. This gives sculptors the chance to create exquisite masterpieces in residential as well as office spaces.

● The Domzee MR Plywood is highly economical in nature.

● Due to the nature of the adhesives used, the Domzee MR Plywood is completely termite resistant. Customers can be assured that they will be free of bugs for a lifetime.

As clients actively seek products that are both functional and environmentally friendly, KoffPly is on a quest to carve out a position in the market by providing zero-emission products like Domzee MR Ply that complement modern aesthetics.

All products from KoffPly meet the BIS and international quality requirements. For the sale of wood and agro-based panel materials, Koffply has been awarded the ISO 9001: 2000 for their quality management systems. At their production sites, KoffPly has created autonomous R&D laboratories led by industry leading experts. All the products from KoffPly are extensively tested for mechanical and chemical qualities before every batch is certified for shipment.

KoffPly wholeheartedly acknowledges its unwavering care for the environment, as well as its ongoing efforts and valuable contributions to making the world a safer place. The coveted BIS Eco mark has been awarded to the company. This accreditation is only given to a select few manufacturers that consistently adhere to the most demanding measures to guarantee that all of their processes and products are completely eco-friendly.

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