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Commercial Plywood

Koffply-high quality commercial plywood

Koffply manufactures commercial Plywood using the best quality wood and innovative procedures, all of which are carried out under the supervision of qualified personnel and in accordance with industry standards.

Commercial plywood, also referred to as MR plywood, is moisture resistant. This sort of plywood is commonly used in residential homes for interior designing and home decor purposes.

Features of Koffply’s high-quality commercial plywood:

● Designed for indoor use in residential locations.

● Not water resistant. However, they are moisture resistant, i.e., they provide protection against humidity and other atmospheric conditions.

● Commercial plywood is perfect for creating home and office furniture.

Advantages of Koffply’s high-quality commercial plywood:

● High strength and tough to deform.

● Lightweight.

● Provides insulation.

● Provides good tensile resistance and does not warp easily.

Users of Koffply’s high-quality commercial plywood:

● Commercial plywood will help you achieve the best results when your budget is tight and you want to get the most bang for your buck.

● Commercial plywood is mostly known for its flexibility.

● This kind of plywood also offers wear and tear resistance. This allows carpenters to make the designs required by the customers easily.

● Alluring designs can be created with this kind of plywood through easy cutting.

● It is well-known for being an excellent substitute for traditional interior design elements such as cement, synthetic paints, tiles, metals, and other popular materials.

● Commercial plywood from Koffply is extremely cost-effective while maintaining high quality when compared to its competitors, resulting in its widespread use for a variety of applications.

● Due to its incredibly high tensile strength and greater durability, commercial plywood assists interior designers in creating remarkable innovative structures and converting their artistic concepts into reality.

With the advancement of modern technology, commercial plywood has begun to be produced using two different species of veneer. In recent years, this sort of plywood has grown fairly popular.

There is barely much of a difference between the two, albeit the alternate kind of commercial plywood more popularly used is thought to be of higher quality than the ordinary kind of commercial plywood. This kind of plywood also reduces costs greatly and will fit every possible budget.

Commercial plywood made from Gurjan trees can be a bit more expensive considering the higher quality, as compared to alternate commercial plywood.

Commercial plywood is the most favoured form of plywood purely because of the high strength it possesses. Apart from office and residential spaces, commercial plywood can also be used for making kitchen cabinets, doors, etc.

Among all types of plywood, ones with the MR Grade (commercial plywood) possess the maximum strength. This guarantees long life for the furniture. Koffply uses a binder called Urea formaldehyde to bind the layers of plywood together. When it comes to BWR grade plywood, however, an environmentally friendly agent known as phenol-formaldehyde is used.

One should note that all kinds of plywood do not fall under the MR grade plywood. There are various grades for plywood which range from basic all the way to MR grade plywood. Get in touch with us to get quality koffply.commercial plywood.