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Koffply Marine Plywood which is made for marine use is designed to be extremely water resistant. This plywood features very minute holes, which reduce the threats of water effects. Additionally, this plywood also offers protection from termites and bugs. The plywood when being made, is treated as such to resist external materials.

Other features of the marine plywood from Koffply are an increase in stability while being flexible to use at the same time. But, one should note that it is not meant to make stylish furniture.

This plywood is most suitable for industries such as shipping, factories, kitchens and bathrooms where there might be excess exposure to water. To gain maximum efficiency from the marine plywood, there are a few rules which have to be followed. They are:

● Use waterproof glue only.

● Avoid vacuums and voids.

● Use the highest quality veneers.

● Only use plywood which has passed the IS:7107 quality test.

Koffply only uses 100% seasoned wood which is hot pressed at high hydraulic pressure to create their marine plywood. This rigorous method sets Koffply apart from its competitors since the plywood is of exceptionally high quality.

Other ways to find out the quality of the plywood are by enquiring if they are Boiling Water Proof (BWP) and Boiling Water Resistant (BWR). Lets explore the difference between the two standards.

BWP: A few select species of veneer such as Gurjan or Eucalyptus are utilized here. Using concentrated resins like phenol formaldehyde makes the wood waterproof.

BWR: For making the wood BWR grade, the adhesives are diluted before applying it on the veneer to stick them together.

BWR is perfectly fine for home use furniture whereas BWP is meant for industrial corporations.

If you are unsure of the quality, you can always test the Koffply marine plywood at home too by following these steps:

● Cut a single piece of plywood and put it in a pressure cooker which is full of water. (the plywood will sink)

● Boil it for at least 5 to 6 whistles.

● Once the pressure cooker cools down, open the lid and observe what you see.

If the marine plywood is of high quality, then you will observe no changes whatsoever. In comparison, lower quality plywood will have changes such as being disfigured, twisted or slightly bent, and veneers falling apart. This test will also help you avoid being cheated by plywood sellers and you will be able to buy the highest quality marine plywood only.

When the best grade plies are exposed to cool water for an entire day, they are considered to have no effect. However, waterproof based plywood, whether BWR or BWP, has no effect whether it comes in contact with water for a few hours or not, regardless of the temperature.

While there are many manufacturers of marine plywood in the market, KoffPly guarantees plywood of the highest quality. We are among the top suppliers of marine plywood in the country and, hence, we supply only eco-friendly, durable and sustainable marine plywood.

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