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Koff Plywood - Koff Ply is one of the leading brand of Plywood in the market. Koff Ply is known for its exceptional and Supreme Quality and this brand has always deliver the best to customers. We always enhance our products to be the best in the market, putting to use the highest quality raw material 100% seasoned wood and practicing time tested manufacture and finishing technique, hot pressed at high hydraulic pressure with adequate temperature and time, each product that leaves the production premises is tested vigorously for quality. As customers vigorously look for products that are effective in value and ecological in nature, we are on a mission to create a niche in the industry by offering zero emission products that match with contemporary styles.

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It is created with extra care and extra pressure at the manufacturing base which makes it extremely compact, tough and dense beating the ordinary plywood in long life durability. We have wide range of Plywood with brand name Koff Ply which is unparalleled in strength and durability. We always give utmost emphasis in research and development. We have passion for perfection and we want to excel beyond expectation.

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